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Apr 14, 2017

Our buddies Rusty, Dave, and Andrew chopped up from Dirty Myrtle this week to spend some time with us in studio! Man I love it when we have people here with us, its so much fun. We drank a bunch of models, talked about the show there are putting on during Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Check out the Instagram @thedefinitionofthechopper and support these guys!

Apr 10, 2017

We caught up with Super Dave to check in on his stitches, his mini accident sent him to Medac. We also here from SupaFly, he talks tacos, Marine Corps, and the brotherhood! Then we let you guys pick the topics, I liked doing this. We may do it more often, you guys send in topics, we cover them how we see fit! We said we were playing some Rock N Roll, we played James Brown instead!

Apr 7, 2017

 Jeff G joins us this week and we talk mini races, signing waivers, pulling bago motors, and finding out BigScotts old motor was stolen! Stay tuned for the next giveaway coming up with @harleydavidson, we've got some gift cards, Riders Academy discounts, and other swag! Check out the website and pick up your support swag!

Apr 3, 2017

This weekend got a little crazy, Sunday in particular. We had our Chopper Night at the Compound, set up the mini track and ran some hot laps! We had a couple of injuries with stitches, a busted head, and some bent forks, but hey, we are here to win! Still working on the Bago, and now the mini... Visit the webpage to pick up some swag and click the support button if you are into that kind of thing! 

Mar 31, 2017

well we made an announcement and about 40 of you witnessed BigScott taking down not 6, but 7 eggs! That was gross. We call out an email that was sent to Wes from outside our community, and talk a little more shit on JJ, we heard he is coming to Charlotte, ready to race. There is not real update on the Bago, it needs a motor, my shovel is being rebuilt as I type this by Davo @76cycles. Go to our website, check out the blog and buy a shirt or two to support the show. You can also find our patreon on the webpage by selecting "support" in the top right corner. Have a good weekend and we will talk to you Monday!

Mar 27, 2017

For todays episode we are back in the studio. We welcomed Kate, the cooker of eggs, in with us. We talked mini bike racing, rules for The War Run's race, and we introduced a $10 entry fee, that purse will go to the winner, and right now there are 24 riders... with 7 months to go! We talked about replacing the motor in the Bago and my Shovel. Thank you guys for the continued support and go to the website to get your ROTN gear. 

Mar 24, 2017

Finally we made it home, got some rest, brought back the Bago. This episode we are back in the studio, talking about our recent trip to Daytona. We will be putting together some of the audio we recorded while there and releasing it later. Jeff G joins us as well as the Mad Dog, We play some rock n roll and talk shop. Thanks for the continued support. Check out our webpage to support to the show.

Mar 20, 2017

So we've been on the road all day, 16 hours. We are going to take the night off to recharge and get you guys all the audio we collected from the weekend in Daytona. Thank you guys for understanding! Talk to y'all Friday

Mar 17, 2017

Man, so we all got in on the action for this episode. We are in Daytona and I'm still getting used to these new mics, so please excuse the crazy audio. Anyway we made it and are getting into full Rally Mode! Went to willies today and Boogie East Tomorrow! We will be back next week to the regular format. 

Mar 13, 2017

So here we go, we are leaving for Daytona this week so we are rambling about all the things we are going to do. The Mad Dog joins us on this episode, we try to talk her into racing a hooligan set up, discuss not being raised like pussies and oh yeah, I bought a new bike!

Mar 10, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This episodes interview was recorded a couple of weeks ago with Zak who is putting on the ManHandle the Panhandle show in Pensacola FL April 15. We caught up with him fresh off the Milwaukee trip, and since he and Scott were both out there racing, we talk a little flat out Friday for a bit. Thanks and don't forget to visit the new website

Mar 6, 2017

Here we are Episode 50! It is so cool that you guys have been with us, letting us talk about absolutely nothing, sometimes interview, and most times yell at you guys. We have been really busy this year so far. We've driven all over the southeast in search of a Mobile Studio, we've flown up to Milwaukee and met a lot of you guys there, we've been to Tampa and hung out with the "crazy FL kids". It has just been really humbling to say the least. This week we took it on the road again. BigScott and I headed south to Florida to pick up the BAGO. We picked up Downtown Dan along the way to keep us company, take some videos, and drive the chase vehicle so we both could ride in the new Rig! Thanks again everyone who has bought shirts, got on patron, and listens to the show. You guys all kick ass.

Mar 3, 2017

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! We finally have a website. Everything is almost done there. You can listen to the show, check out the BLOG, and even buy ROTN Gear from there. We are still adding some items to the store, but its almost complete. Now for the show, we sat down and talked with the crew from Slop Shop this week. These dudes are building a killer 49 Panhead for the People's Champ #5. They tell us about the backwoods purchase of the motor and what it takes to grit blast 100lbs of bondo off a frame. As always we appreciate the support of the listeners, our Patreon contributors, and everyone that shares this podcast. You guys kick ass.

Feb 27, 2017

We of course were all over the place this weekend for todays show! We pinned Denton on the Map for May 18 2017, thats a killer swap that goes on here in NC. Got to and you can find more info on that. Wes busted out his Thunderbird Inn Hawaiian Shirt, there is a dress code for this party, so get you some sick polyester and join us for that in Septemeber. Jeff G joins us this week. Some of you were asking for his return, so we delivered! We also have a new Race Logo coming next week. Talk to you guys Friday!

Feb 24, 2017

We sat down at the HQ of ROTN and spoke to our new Arch Rival JJ Flairty, 2017 Flat Out Friday Boonie Class Champion. We wanted a post race interview to see if we could pick up any pointers for next years race because we have created a damn race team after this weekends events! He gave us some ideas on how to set up our Sportsters that we are building for the Hooligan Class, JJ has been super fun and helpful with this new racing gig we are suddenly into, so its all in good fun! We Also had the chance to speak with Jeremy Prach, the organizer of Flat out Friday. He gave us the background of the races and why he chose to take on such a huge task. Jeremy is super cool dude and we really can't wait to throw back a few beers with him next year in Milwaukee. Thanks again for the support guys! 

Feb 20, 2017

What a weekend! Milwaukee turned out to be everything we could have asked for and more. If you guys were watching the feed on Instagram you got to catch all the mayhem that happened all weekend long, from our mini going down in the first race to a redemption from one of the listeners Tom with his 883. We couldn't have had this much fun without you guys supporting us and our race dreams! Saturday was the first day of Mama Tried and there were about 8000 in attendance, thanks to awesome weather! The amount of talent that was in that one building was insane. Check instagram and look at the builders and what they accomplished. We want to thank Scott and Warren for putting on such a killer show and allowing us to be a small part of it. It was good to meet some of the listeners, and see old friends. Excuse our lack of normal yelling, we were whipped by the end of it!

Feb 17, 2017

Ok so we got a little crazy this week, there is a lot of yelling, but what can we say? Its Mama Tried/Flat out Friday, and we are racing! We are pumped and I'm sure you can tell in this episode. We call JJ Flairty, last years winner of the Boonie Class, and talk a little shit, I think he's a pro or something like that... we are challenging that! Metric Mike calls in to give us the scoop on the mini he built for us and we set off some fire alarms with bad gas! Hope you guys enjoy!

Feb 13, 2017

Part 2 of the Takeover by Josh and Chevy. The stories continue, strips clubs, stealing mini bottles, and getting kicked out of said strip club. BigScott was absent this half. See you guys Friday in Milwaukee!

Feb 10, 2017

Our good friends from the south Josh Rising and Chevy deWolfe made a trip up to the studio to tell us about the Thunderbird Inn and the party they have planned there in Florence SC on Sept 9 of 2017. These guys have plenty of stories and we could have gone on for hours, so we made it two parts, this is part one.

Feb 6, 2017

So here we are talking RV's the whole show because we finally bought a 1969 Winnebago Brave 22ft. My brother drops in and joins us as we hit topics that range from Honda Choppers to Vintage Rv's. Phil and Scott go back and forth about the Super Bowl, I reminisce on years past at Daytona, and we plan the layout for the new RV. Thank you guys for the continued support. New Episodes every Monday and Friday 

Feb 3, 2017

Well as you guys will hear, we did the show 5 times tonight... literally. I'm working hard on my audio engineering skills, but sometimes they lack. We had a good friend of ours on Anthony Hicks. He does some killer paintings and turns them into prints so us regular folks can afford his killer artwork! Check him out on Instagram @anthonyhicksart and thank you guys for supporting the show! See you in Milwaukee in a couple of weeks!

Jan 30, 2017

Man we were all over the place this weekend! BigScott and I ran all around town getting supplies for the Studio. Jeff G joined also joined us in the studio. We talk glory days of Hockey and how Jeff is now an Old Timer. We also tried getting a reservation for our Mock Van Camp... Thank you guys for listening and supporting the show!

Jan 27, 2017

Happy Friday you chopper weirdos! We talked to Jp this week to catch up on his #BF9 build and get some updated info on the Run to Raton. We of course talked about our plans to party down next month in Milwaukee. We have our minibike getting setup for the races! Remember you can support the show by visiting our Bigcartel or Patreon

Jan 23, 2017

We convoyed the Vans out to Charlotte this weekend for the Easy Riders Bike Show. We discussed our thoughts on the show and different bikes in attendance. Scott was able to meet a few of the listeners and his shovel took first place. This weekend was more about the camaraderie than it was the actual show. The weather sucked so it was a good weekend for vannin!

Jan 20, 2017

We brought on Zak from the Twin Rivers Chopper Camp out to tell us about the event they are putting together. He and his buddies rode to Rocky Mount for the War Run, and thats where we met. We also spoke to some friends of the show via FaceTime! We've got hoodies in now so keep an eye out for those hitting the BigCartel. Music by Fu Manchu-Hell on Wheels and Blue Snaggletooth-Recollection Blues

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