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May 29, 2017

We headed to Charlotte this weekend for Prism Supply and Dice Magazines Congregation Show. Man what weekend. This past few weeks have been brutal trying to get everything together for the show. The bags, My shovel, the van, and trying to coordinate t-shirts orders and shipments. You guys keep me moving for sure! So we left with every intention of the Bago making it, it did not, so we diverted, and loaded up the vans. I rode my shovel while Scott and the Mad dog drove both vans with their bikes and all the gear loaded up. It was a beautiful weekend, weather was great, a little hot, but no rain! So we hauled ass back to town and recorded a show. Some big changes are coming to the show, with me taking time off from work to do this, and us trying to have families, I'm working to make this show better, and deliver to you guys what you deserve. Thank you so much for hanging with us, we really can't express how much it means to us. Until Friday fuckers!

May 26, 2017

Here is a quick one, it is currently 1;30am while I type this, the mad dog wants me in bed, and I'm tired! Long week, my shovel is running, Bago is running, I'm not running anywhere... we'll be back Monday with a full recap of the weekend at The Congregation 

May 22, 2017

Took the Van out to the Compound this weekend, instead of blowing out to Denton. We've got just a few days to get the bago on the road and to Charlotte. The plan was to get this thing fired and down the road for a shake down, we are still working on it... This thing has been the biggest pain in the ass, but we believe it will be all worth it when we see it rolling down the road again. Ok, you guys visit the website and support the show if you are into that kind of thing!

May 19, 2017

So we are skipping Denton, there are too many motors down, so I'm sticking around the help BigScott button up this Bago motor. We are all over the place once again in this episode. We had a phone call from @supafly, we talked the congregation, we talked the smoke out!One week out and we will be in Charlotte, my Shovel is down but Davo @76cycles has it, and its in good hands! Enjoy your weekend!

May 15, 2017

We got a lot in this weekend, with mothers day going on I didn't know how we were going to fit everything in that we did. Scott and I met up at breakfast Saturday morning before we headed south for The Definition of the Chopper Show in Murrell's Inlet, SC. The weather was sketch as hell so we opted for the Vans to play it safe. Our friend John was down there already and had brought BigScott's chopper with him, it was in VA at ButcherChop(Rhett) getting some ignition system upgrades. Sunday morning, Jeff G and I met up around 8:30, rode down to breakfast at the Dixie Grill, then headed north on some backroads to get about 100 miles in, the weather was perfect, I could have kept going! We came back towards town and took a little break/nap before meeting back up and riding out towards the water. There is a killer little bar right on the Intracoastal, tucked away, they serve steamed shrimp, so we got some and a Margarita, before heading home and loosing my chain! As always thank you guys for listening and sharing, please visit our website and support the show if you like what you hear!

May 12, 2017

Our #daytomie Colby swung through town this weekend in his refrigerated van carrying a ton of meat! He hung out with us at the shop while BigScott and Downtown Dan worked on the Bago. The plan was to start it that night, didn't happen, coolant leak. So we are exploring that! Colby stayed with The Mad Dog and I, turns out the home/studio is becoming a revolving door for our friends from out of town! I love it! See you guys out on the Road bc Im rolling again!

May 8, 2017

We are in the studio tonight, totally planned on doing this show way earlier and got tied up doing other things this weekend. We got the second shovel back on the road this weekend with help of our good friend Josh, new BDL 1.5" did the trick. I have a clutch again. As always check out the website, you can support the show by joining our patreon and contributing monthly, or buy some merchandise! 

May 5, 2017

Back in the studio this week. Chevy D joins us on the phone to talk mini races, and rules for the War Run Mini Race. We give an update and a state of the Bago (it's close). New Shirts should be in the store!

May 1, 2017

Man I am excited about this one! We had a lot going on this past week with the motor coming in, trying to coordinate that, along with our day jobs, and having Mothership come to Wilmington... Blur, its a ll a blur. We recorded at the show, so there is a lot going on in the background, but you get the vibe of what was going on. The rest of the show was recorded at the compound with BigScott and Downtown Dan. I posted the video on our Patreon. Thank you guys for the support!!!