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Jan 30, 2017

Man we were all over the place this weekend! BigScott and I ran all around town getting supplies for the Studio. Jeff G joined also joined us in the studio. We talk glory days of Hockey and how Jeff is now an Old Timer. We also tried getting a reservation for our Mock Van Camp... Thank you guys for listening and supporting the show!

Jan 27, 2017

Happy Friday you chopper weirdos! We talked to Jp this week to catch up on his #BF9 build and get some updated info on the Run to Raton. We of course talked about our plans to party down next month in Milwaukee. We have our minibike getting setup for the races! Remember you can support the show by visiting our Bigcartel or Patreon

Jan 23, 2017

We convoyed the Vans out to Charlotte this weekend for the Easy Riders Bike Show. We discussed our thoughts on the show and different bikes in attendance. Scott was able to meet a few of the listeners and his shovel took first place. This weekend was more about the camaraderie than it was the actual show. The weather sucked so it was a good weekend for vannin!

Jan 20, 2017

We brought on Zak from the Twin Rivers Chopper Camp out to tell us about the event they are putting together. He and his buddies rode to Rocky Mount for the War Run, and thats where we met. We also spoke to some friends of the show via FaceTime! We've got hoodies in now so keep an eye out for those hitting the BigCartel. Music by Fu Manchu-Hell on Wheels and Blue Snaggletooth-Recollection Blues

Jan 16, 2017

Good Monday morning! Scott and I shoot the shit like and talk about what coming up for us and the podcast. We talk to Jake and Zach from Prism Supply and they fill us in on their #BF9 build. They also talk about a little Kart Race Circuit they've got going on locally in Charlotte amongst some friends! As always visit our sponsors Mama Tried and Those Once Loyal and you can now contribute to the show via Patreon

Jan 13, 2017

Here is part two of our live craziness from last weekend. Downtown Dan was in town so he hung out for a few hours while went full on Marathon show! The Mad dog calls in, the van breaks down, and we try and get you guys to buys our tshirts! 

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Jan 9, 2017

Holy crap today we had all kinds of stuff happening. We went live and let you guys check out the Home Studio, took you on a beer run in the van, and came back to finish the show! We were on a serious marathon with this one so we had to split it up in two parts! Downtown Dan joins us, we take some phone calls, and generally have a hell of a time drinking some beers with you guys!

Jan 6, 2017

So we are bringing you two shows a week now! We will drop them every Friday from here on out! Of course we are discussing our trip south to look at RV candidate #3 in Pawley's Island SC. Some shit goes down on the way of course, we lose a mirror, dodge a curb hopper, and whip a bitch in the Hwy, but the Dimension Shifter made it back with only a couple of hiccups. The Shadetree boys rolled down from Jacksonville and we killed pizza and beers! We bring you some Boston to rock to and get ready Milwaukee, we are coming! Visit Mama Tried Show and Those Once Loyal and always check out The JP Rodman Show

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Jan 2, 2017

Happy New Year! We update everyone on the events coming up and talk new ideas for the studio. Get ready to call us on the nights we record! More info to come on that. We bring on long time listener, long time friend Metric Mike from PA. He's our first call of the year and he just fills us in on whats going on in cold parts of the USA. Don't forget to check out our Big Cartel and help support the show!